In Your Eyes

Song Length 3:42 Genre R & B - General
Language English Era 2000 and later



Verse 1
When you come around
Getting my attention
Blow you secret kisses
In my mind now
They don?t understand
Things we cannot mention
Be careful what you wish for
If it comes true

Tell a lie
Say goodbye
Hurt the ones we?re with tonight
Another time, another place

In your eyes
I see it every time
I see
We?ve been wanting
The same thing
Never say how much
We?d like to stay
Oh baby
It?s forbidden in harmony

Verse 2
How could I be wrong
Thinking that you?re special
I know my baby loves me
But it won?t do
You are all I want
Yet you?re with another
But if we kept on dreaming
It might come true




Mid 8
So this is the sound
Of my aching heart
Somebody else is holding you
And now it?s tearing me apart
Coz I know that it?s true

Choruses Out

Performed by: Charlotte Kelly
Written by: Charlotte Kelly/Thomas Wøhni
Published by: Murlyn Songs AB-Universal Music Publishing Ltd./
Good Groove-Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
Charlotte Kelly Taxi # A-3105-4681/Tel: 00 44 (0)208 747 4681

Lyrics Charlotte Kelly Music Thomas Wshni
Producer Thomas Wshni Publisher Good Groove Songs/Universal Music Publishing
Performance Charlotte
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