Raining in Heaven

Song Length 3:15 Genre Pop - General
Language English Era 2000 and later


RAINING IN HEAVEN (R&B Finalist in 2004 USA Songwriting Competition)

Verse 1
You gave me a thousand roses
Promised a world
Where the grass was green
And just like a waterfall
There was a never-ending flow

Then you left me cold
Turned me to stone
Coz you twisted my reality

When did you wanna let go
When did you wanna say no
Tell me when you put a stop to me
When did you flat line?
When did you stop time?
Tell me when we ever reach the end
It?s raining in heaven

Verse 2
You?re killing all my illusions
Everything bitter is no longer sweet
I feel so dead inside
It?s hard to see the light
Coz if the angels knew
How much you stole my groove
They would give you back to me


Mid 8
My nights are lonely
So are my days
Wishing you were here with me
I miss you
That?s how it is
I didn?t see it in your eyes

Chorus Out

Performed by: Charlotte Kelly
Written by: Charlotte Kelly/HÃ¥vid Engmark
Published by: Murlyn Songs AB-Universal Music Publishing Ltd./
Good Groove-Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
Charlotte Kelly Taxi # A-3105-4681/Tel: 00 44 (0)208 747 4681

Lyrics Charlotte Kelly Music Havid Engmark
Producer Havid Engmark Publisher Good Groove Songs/Universal Music Publishing
Performance Charlotte
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