I Need You That Way

Song Length 3:32 Genre R & B - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1
Love in my pocket
That?s not the way I roll
I need somebody for my soul
It?s not in my nature
To always be on your case
24 Hours 7 Days

Bridge 1
I believe we both
Have the right to roam
All we need is some loyalty
I ain?t got the time
For suspicious minds
?cos I love you baby
I can set you free

I need you that way
You don?t have to stay
Don?t wanna share your name Baby
That?s ok
I need you for life
I need you tonight
As long as we?re together
That?s all right

Verse 2
Whatever the weather
You?re free to come and go
Cos you know this is your home
What could be better
Than knowing where you belong
And this door is never closed

Bridge 2
I don?t want your mind
I don?t want your money
You can keep me with security
Only got the time
For the honest kind
Though I love you
I can set you free


Middle 8
It ain?t about the holidays
You can take me any place
As long as you take me with your heart
It ain?t about the things you buy
Don?t want you for the car you drive
I know what?s real now, it?s for life

Chorus out

Lyrics & Melody by: Charlotte Kelly/Richard Darbyshire
Music & Production by: Helgi M. Hübner (Hitesh)
Published by: Murlyn Songs AB-Universal Music Publishing Ltd. /
Good Groove-Universal Music Publishing Ltd./Copyright Control

Charlotte Kelly Taxi # A-3105-4681/Tel: 00 44 (0)208 747 4681

Lyrics Charlotte Kelly/Richard Darbyshire Music Helgi M Hubner
Producer Helgi M Hubner Publisher Good Groove Songs/Universal Music Publishing
Performance Charlotte
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