Ever Loved Somebody

Song Length 3:33 Genre R & B - Soul
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Madly In Love, Unrequited Love
Language English



Verse 1
No, I never go a day
Without listening to my head
But in this case I?m much too late

My eyes are already telling
My lips are already spelling it out to me
My senses must leave

Have you ever loved somebody, somebody so much
That it hurts you so bad
And you don?t know what to do about it?

Have you ever wanted something, something so much
That your mind don?t understand
That your heart already knows about it?

Verse 2
One of those nights when I discovered your mystery
One of those times, baby
I knew would tease me so desperately

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8
Have you ever thought you wanted someone just to hold?
In the morning you could give back what you borrowed
Well I think that you?ve uncovered all the lies that you told
To your heart that you could go back to the way it was before

Repeat Chorus

Written and performed by Charlotte Kelly/Taxi # A-3105-4681/Tel: 00 44 (0)208 747 4681

Lyrics Charlotte Kelly Music Joel Kipness
Producer Joel Kipness Publisher Good Groove Songs/Universal Music Publishing
Performance Charlotte
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