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Written in one day and I almost deleted what eventually became the focal point.

Song Description

Ethereal sounding with airy pads and drum loops. A hypnotic melody soothes as you drift back in thought listening to the array of sounds.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Drum N' Bass
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Pleasant, Joyful
Similar Artists Moby, Art Of Noise Era 2000 and later

That had me the whole way thru.... loved it

This definitely fits within the style of experimental as you have brought in a variety of melodies, instruments and rhythms. I particularly like the Far Eastern feel I get when listening to this track.

real dreamy I like it it puts me in a trance

A great track that had me bopping. Loved the bongo and the dreamy section in the middle, which gave it great variety. Loved the electric guitar with the beats too- reminded me a little bit of the sounds of Enigma. The choir vocals also gave it that dreamy feel. I could see myself chilling out at the beach enjoying listening to this track on a summer's day. Great stuff!

Nice atmosphere, it feels to be in the far oriental east. Nice arrangement too, it gives really the idea of a story told in the song, following a group of oriental people in their adventure.
Like particularly the addition of the guitars.

Very nicely done. This song takes you on a trip into an imaginary place. I really enjoyed listening to it!!!

I almost turned off and refreshed the page to get another track to review but stuck with it and enjoyed the ride. Chord progression is very reminiscent of Pat Metheney/David Bowie's This Is Not America.

Brilliant piece! The sophistication and thoughtfulness of the construction of this song is intriguing. The melody pulls at me in such a yearning, sad manner... The choice of instruments for the groove is not expected and yet so perfect. And what a glorious ending. I will add this to my driving sounds. I can pull this up in the car as I drive the rocky coast. What a wonderful, wonderful piece. This reminds me a bit of Sakamoto Ryuchi...

Fascinating song. I was in complete (rhythmic) confusion at the start and love the way it resolved down to a more conventional trance form with a feeling akin to many of the 'chill out' hits . Very clever selection of tome colours and the reverse/echo effects really worked well.That's quite an intricate keyboard solo around 3minutes.
I usually prefer definite endings but the way you dissolve into the echo works extremely well in this case.

This could be good for a film score.

Very complex and difficult to hear for the strong, constant hum in the background. Veery dramatic it would be perfect movie music. Though not my cup of tea, I find it innovative and unique.

Mighty fine sone you got here!

I played this twice before writing, simply because it is electronic experimental and I wanted to hear the entire idea first to see if this experiment works. And, Yes! It does. When I was listening to this, I guess because of the guitar and the elements of the bass and percussion elements took me perhaps to a time in the 50s where drag races occurred, perhaps in rural area somewhere. Back then, young people came together for fun, thrills and drag racing or just to see how fast they could push the Chevy. A movie clip perhaps with this lightly playing in the back seems interesting to me.

The combination of mixed instruments throughout, introduced one by one, and then a new instrument again and again definitely gives the song a freshness. It has an uplifting quality to it.
Good job on the arrangement, even though I gave that a 3, I do think there are many great themes going on in this song.
Actually, I am disappointed that the song was only 4 minutes long. I would have liked to hear more of it continuing and building.

Interesting plucked theme. Nice use of swelling cymbals. Nice drum entry at around 0:50, good programming here. Cool cut down to congas at 1:18. Interesting quiet ambient section section follows. Rebuild out of this is nicely done.

Nice dynamics and variety of sounds

There's a lot of different styles that are intermixing in this piece. There are elements of trip-hop, rock, ambient, electronic, dance and experimental music in this composition. I like the diversity. It's interesting to listen to.

A great song that you wanna spin over and over again. Always hearing something new on each listen, the fine production work and instrumental selections keep things flowing right along in a real good way. This song is wide open for all kinds of opportunities... soundtracks, film/tv and perfect for just listening.

An instrumental with a somewhat dark and suspenseful feel. Liked the use of the piccolo like instrument.

The track has drive to it and i like the changes in the song good job.

Very nice, good melody!

Has a great feel to it. it was a nice song to just close your eyes and listen to.

cool sample of the drums, really nice clarity of instrumentation, light production leaves the vibe on the softer side of things, nice to hear that. Love the changes, really cool and interesting. Engaging for the listener to really get lost in the tune, so far 2:14 into the song and I'm there, nice to get there, lost in a piece of music, nicely done. I like the distance voices, adds an element to the entire vibe, like arriving to a familiar but yet unknown place.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Neeyah Lynn Rose - Orbel Babayan
Label Gruvpig Music
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