Jagged Edge

Story Behind The Song

The song was inspired by all the subliminal messages we get in society today.

Song Description

This song rocks! The verses not so much but the song explodes at the chorus. A sweet and melodic bridge satisfies the desire for a mood swing and then it's onto a guitar hero solo. Song features heavy crunch guitars, loops and live drums and velo-tech synths. It blurs the lines between rock and techno and really gets the blood pumping!

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - General, Electronic - Industrial
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Heated, Restless
Similar Artists Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park Era 2000 and later

This song has a really catchy groove!! The parts are well-played, and the recording/production is solid. It has a lot of energy and a good heavy rock flavor.

excellent....on all counts

cool panning right off the bat. i like the lo fi intro. beefy guitar tone. i like the sorta dire straits feel of the synth. theres alot of space for really any kind of singer.
I am a guitar nerd and that solo was right on the mark!!!! well done. when playing power chord driven stuff keep in mind that the guitar low end and bass high end will overlap alot of frequencies. food for thought. overall i like your style. well done!

good solid driving song, has some nice soloing... the breaks are nice the mix and recording is decent... (maybe a bit more out front on the guitar solo...) has a kind of metallica instrumental feel....

I must say, the production on this track is outstanding. Instrumentation is great and all levels seems on point. This is most likely an underscore for something. I could see it in a video game. I could see it in a video, about a video game. It's fairly versatile in respect to those types of opportunities. Great job.

This kicked Ass I was seeing robots in a trash world And that damn yellow sky was comeing down to burn myna eyes

Great heavy song with good changes

Rock instrumental that makes you wonder...what is the version with lyrics like? This track reminds me of a wrecked truck. One that gets smashed and smashed again with every blow. The lead guitarist has some amazing licks in there that are extremely impressive. Overall the tone is agitated and angry sounding. I'm sure there is a market out there somewhere for this. Tight band, great vibe!

good start, building,building, there we go! off to the races!
Ok taking a different turn now, returning to 1st bass now, building again!

Great intro. Cool riffs.

Wow! Great intro with first the synth and then that massive guitar! And the filter over the drums works great.
The guitar work is excellent! And the way both synth and rhythm guitar set up for that splitting solo... I love it!
Production is beautiful, everything is in your face with great intensity. Well done!

Like the synathized intro. Good heavy riffs. This would make a good sound track for tv.

Excellent opening. Great sampling, love the chunky rhythmic guitar. Totally works to create something both heavy and light - which is very interesting. I appreciate the dynamic shifts very much, and that you're not overdoing it. So many writers try to do WAY to much in an arrangement like this - and you haven't. I have to think you've had some interest on this for some type of commercial use? If you haven't - you will. At the 2:20 ish mark - totally works. That synth sound, wouldn't think it would work. Followed up by the shredding guitar. You're a pro. Keep it up. Be affirmed - you're doing great things. Best I've heard in 10 reviews.

This one sounds pretty good. Could easily see this placed in TV.

instruments are played well ... good guitar sound ... would be a good backing track for certain scenes ....

This song is tight! I really love the arrangement. The start of the song has sort of an 80s synth feel and then it jumped into a more modern rock guitar rhythm which complements each other very well. This combination turns out to be a very original sound which for market purposes is to your advantage. This song is one of those songs that I believe has some real good versatility to either stand alone or be used for film or television. I also think that the changes are great in the song you have a bridge you have a solo the guitar chops are excellent and I wouldn't change a thing.

Really well done. Good sounding instrumental

Can almost feel the raw emotion within the melody of the song. The guitar-work at 2:38 really drives the overall song home.

Good start and build up driving beat like the bridge too nice

I love the dynamics and the electo-rock integration. Nice in and out statement. Good overall sound. Good feel. Love the Alan Parson motif around 2:15 and everything after. All good!

The instrumentation is spot on. A nice meaty sound. The change for the Middle 8 was unexpected but very impressive. Superb progamming and guitar work

Sounds like a fun jam.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan
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