Dirty World

Story Behind The Song

This is an instrumental version of a song of mine called "Just Breathe". This song was created first as an instrumental and the name "Dirty World" was to reflect all the greed and destruction of the human race. Actually this song turned out happy and sweet to listen to so make whatever you want out of it. The half time bridge has some subliminal voices in the background which creates a very mysterious mood. the song propels back into a happy place as the chorus jumps back in. the song winds down with an instrumental out section.

Song Description

Slow steady groove almost disco but more like Sade. A relaxing song but at the same time exhilarating to listen to with guitar and muted trumpet interplay. A half time bridge section with a cool understated synth leads to the 3rd chorus with a guitar theme (ala Journey) taking front stage. Then there's an instrumental "chill out" section at the end with sporadic guitar and trumpet riffs

Song Length 4:19 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cool, In High Spirits Similar Artists Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi
Era 2000 and later

Very cool bed!
Couldn't tell if this was intended to be instrumental or if there's a version with lyrics.
Either way.. nice vibe. Like the snyth... lots of good changes in pace.
Would make a great track for a show or song!

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Frank Garrett - Orbel Babayan - John Anonymous
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