Children of the World

Story Behind The Song

The story is about a man who crys out in pain about having left his homeland.

Song Description

Track features sporadic chants in Arabic with a chorus sung in English entering in the second Chorus. Alto Sax enters in the pre-chorus and takes over in the chorus section bringing the song back to the west with that universal saxophone sound. The track features (live!) percussion and pizzicato strings throughout. In 7/8 time this song was inspired by rhythms from Tajikistan.

Song Length 3:30 Genre World - Middle Eastern, World - World Beat
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful, Enchanting Subject Home, Baby, Children
Similar Artists Sting, Erykah Badu Language Other
Era 2000 and later


Let the children of the world be free
All the children of the world

I don't usually listen to this type of music, but it took me back to my college days of my Arab and Persian friends. (This didn't sound like their languages however...) I enjoyed it without understanding the lyrics!

Well i love the musical vibe, but can't understand the lyrics, but of course that's just me... like the arrangement and the mixed instrumentation!

Very emotional piece and extremely ideal for the troops arriving in a foreign land in a feature film.Great stuff!
The horns and tone of the voice really bring The piece home!
LC Team

Great musicianship....I like the arrangement

This is REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Beautiful production, great vocal, and a really enjoyable listen in every way!! Sounds completely pro to me in every way! LOVE IT!!

Beautiful song, lovely mix of the old world and new. Lovely vocals, haunting quality. The sax adds a western/modern dimension. Very cool in sync instrumentation. Quality, a great listen!

Love the middle Eastern chill vibe of this track, very meditative, very soothing. Great job. Love it!

very enjoyable! great balanced production. Keep it going forward. I marked Lyrics high though i did not understand the language.................

Love the beat. Very sexy. Good vocal

There are some very nice transitions in this Unique - Middle Eastern track. Although, I confess, I do not know the language of the vocalist - taking into account the rhythm, skilled instrumentalists, a nice mixing and mastering and with some clever transitions in the composition - skirting on the jazz genre and enticing with a sense of mystery - I must say, I really enjoyed listening to this craftsmanship.

It reminds me of something you would here in a movie

I love the sound of the voice and instruments, especially the wonderful sax part. I don't speak the language, so it's really impossible to comment on the lyrics, but with the rest being so professionally done I would be surprised if they were not of the same quality.

So deep and rich. Love the instrumentation. Well produced and recorded. Very nice vocals. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Enjoyed and love this one. Love the sax. Overall - awesome job, great song.

Really beautiful groove.

Nice instrumental groove. Interesting mix of middle eastern flavor with jazz.

Sounds authentique and conjours a wonderful feel.

This song has a great blend of Arabic music and western influences. I can hear some jazz, soul and New Age influences too. I love the complex rhythmic patterns, including a 7/4 time signature. Nice Arabic vocal lines. Great sax playing in the break. Great sounding production.

Nice vocal,nice mix of arabic and western sax.

I love it. The background voice is great. The main voice reminds me a bit of Cheb Mami (so it's great too). The instrumentation is excellent. The sax is great. There is a kind of melancholy in this song that creates a mood, an ambience.

Lyrics MC RAI Music Dave Haddad - MC RAI
Producer Dave Haddad Publisher Gruvpig Music
Performance Dave Haddad - MC RAI - Neeyah Lynn Rose - Orbel Babayan - Frank Garrett - Iraj Lashkary
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