Best friend is the booze

Story Behind The Song

I used to drink a lot, enough said.

Song Description

Drinking Song

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Amiable Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw Language English
Era 2000 and later


Best Friend is the Booze

Man?s best friend in the world
Is not a dog nor a man or a woman or a girl
Dogs just grow old and die
Your buddies they leave you and the
women they lie
And girls can make you sit down and
cry, cry, cry

You?ve got to try and understand
When you?re feeling like a broken man
Your best friend is close at hand, close
at hand

I?m talkin? ?bout beer, booze whatever
you choose
Tequila, whisky, vodka, vermouth
If you've got some troubles that you
wanna lose
Your best friend is the booze

I once had me a girl
She was my love, was my life, was my world
She gave her lovin? to another man
My life was empty not worth a damn
My world grew dark and very dim, very dim

Then my friends took me to a bar
Sat me down and said "there you are
join with us and have a jar, and another jar"

We?re talkin? ?bout etc


Now my memory?s wearing thin
I can?t remember faces or the places that
I?ve been
I can?t remember about last night
My head feels like I got in a fight
But I?ll be there again tonight and I?ll tell
you why...

I?m talkin? ?bout etc

Lyrics Graham Rodgers Music Graham Rodgers
Producer Robin Downe Publisher Easy Cowboy Productions
Performance Calico Fever Label ECP
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