There Is Love Right Through That Door

Story Behind The Song

As the description of the song above, played out in a film in my head.

Song Description

The newly painted town supermarket had bright fairy lights right the way round it and its big car-park. It was a rodeo town, though the big rodeos were now moving on to some other venues, and the champion cowboys were ordering last rounds in the saloon. There was a storm one night, the fairy lights were blown down and across town, it rained all night and left murky stains over the supermarket and puddles in the car-park. The town girls loved real fancy clothes and swooned over frilly net petticoats and the rodeo cowboys, and they all vied for becoming the town's May Queen. A crowned someone that the country girl knew she would never become. Suddenly, everything began to look dull and tawdry, and filling those heaving shelves, and pressing those till keys for piled high trolley queues got more and more boring. She thought of home, how beautiful it was, how the sun painted beutiful colours and shades almost every night. And she knew how much her sweetheart loved her and told her he would wait for her. But for how long? Was it worth it staying in town. No, she didn't think so.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Joyful, Glad Subject Happiness, Long
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Store has lost, store has lost, store has lost its sparkle
the lights are down, lights are down, laying in a puddle
Rodeo's done, rodeo's done, cowboys buy last rounds,
Know I won't, know I won't, wear the Town's Queen's crown.
I cannot wait, cannot wait, I'm coming home real soon,
what other girls like, other girls like, just never make me swoon.
Long to see, long to see, all the golden cornfields,
need them more, need them more, taste summer's sweetest yield.
Chorus Refrain
Oh, Billy Boy,
Oh Billy Boy,
I love you,
I've been true.
The Moon just says, the moon just says 'Go back, love's through that door",
a heart beats fast, a heart beats fast, for you, and evermore,
He ties a ribbon round, a ribbon round, a ribbon round the gate,
he whispers prayers, whispers prayers, you won't come back too late.
No more lonely nights, lonely nights, stacking shelves that bend,
trolleys piled high, trolleys piled high, in the queues that never end.
When the sunset fields, sunset fields, are crimson in the evening,
know they warm my heart, warm my heart in the colours I am feeling.
Chorus Refrain
Oh, Billy Boy,
Oh Billy Boy,
I love you,
and I've been true.
No more paths are left, no paths are left, to take me far away,
trees are whispering too, whispering too, bring me back to spend my days.
Skinny-dipping nights, with sweet delights, fall asleep beneath the stars,
we are here at last, here at last, please don't let these nights go fast.
Now my life is bliss, my life is bliss and it started with your kiss, There's a sparkle too,made by me and you, coming soon, a Baby wish.
And as town recedes, with tumble-weed, I'm in country heaven here.
Like the horses free and the range for me, I am filled with joy alive.
Chorus Refrain
Oh, Billy Boy,
Oh Billy Boy,
I love you,
I've been true....
I love you,
I've been true.

Lyrics Sandra Robinson Music Sam Hawkins Sandra Robinson
Producer Ken Torr Publisher Boo Designs Ltd
Performance Damson Bonfire Label Boo Designs Ltd
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