A Storm Is Breaking

Story Behind The Song

The father doesn't undrtand why his wife, a good person is taken; says they'll figure out what happened, search for answers, their faith being stretched to its limits. A wild storm is breaking. In the storm his daughter sees and hears her mother crying out in great distress, sees her face. The wind is whipping up, branches, seeming to bar her way, she feels she is swimming against a strong tide or force and isn't free, She stuggles in the storm to reach out to her mother and bring her out of whatever force appears to hold her. Back to their family and safe harbour of their faith The song tells of the strength of faith and the daughter's determination to overcome whatever is acting against them, and to find their way back to their original safe happy life and memories.

Song Description

The song sets the drama, fear and strange happenings that have entered the lives of a good family, seemingly safe, secure and happy together in their faith and everyday life. They have dreams of good things, sing together, Dad can jive, Mum and Daughter sometimes swop clothes, rules are hardly rules.Then, their darling wife and mother is taken from them, and they don't understand why. A dramatic storm breaks, everything is tossed awry, what is happening? What does it all mean, do secrets lie beneath, what could they be? The daughter, very frightened and troubled, is asking and trying to find out in this terrible unknown new dimension and will write all in her diary.

Song Length 2:49 Genre New Age - Religious, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Frantic, Tense Subject Fear, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
A storm is breaking.... a strange new place,
my mother crying, can see her face,
wind is tearing holes right through
another world that's holding you....
Pulling me through seas, try to swim, not free.
We all had good dreams, that could come true,
and peals of laughter that threaded through,
swapped our clothes, and you were 'cool'
rules were gentle, hardly rules,
dance jive and swinging, a family singing,
We are trying, to heal from lying,
when I'm near you, feel your doubt;
it's somewhere distant, so insistent,
We're both in, and can't get out.
Back in the bay-but....branches bar me,
just grew today, from every tree,
banshee shrieking, echoes through,
while I'm trying to get to you....
Stop dad falling please, into riptide seas
Verse 4
He held us three, in hands so strong,
but strange dimensions have made life wrong.
Find an anchor to our place,
see the tears I must replace,
Turn our eggs up sunny-side,
far from the mad Valkyries ride.
Staring, caring, holes repairing,
fought the storm that kidnapped me,
we were fleeing, newly seeing
our even stronger family.

Lyrics Damson Bonfire Music Damson Bonfire
Producer Ken Torr Publisher Boo Designs Ltd
Performance Damson Bonfire Label Boo Designs Ltd
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New Age - Religious #8
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