My Molten Form Just For You

Story Behind The Song

How in desperation you think you are removing innocent darlings from close and imminent violence and danger to someone that they should be safe with. Only to find out that the person's own desperate jealousy led them to, first dividing, then in conjunction with a step-family, ill-treating and bullyng one who would refuse to deny or betray the person who loved them and was still in danger.

Song Description

The first verse describes illusion, entrapment, sudden instant mood changes, explosive violence, terror and risk of serious injury. Ultimately, injury. The second verse is of the illusion of the safety of a family safe house. where unknown, untold, hidden by all there, bullying and ill treatment led to injury and ill health.

Song Length 2:09 Genre Unique - Unclassified, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tense, Distressed Subject Violence, Danger
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


A fateful day that saw you there
your time, your place, no other where,
violence took me far away
minutes, decades, just a day.
To places where no others see
when dragon flames burnt fires in me,
a molten form just for your eyes,
you used - to thrill and tantalise.
A path with bars, dark destiny
a lonely lane, infinity,
knuckles of bone
a heart of stone,
I only hear the winds that moan.
I had to open chasm deep
between thought-safe and danger's creep,
but never knew more harm lay there
to catch you both in safety's lair,
A place in street behind closed doors,
where bullies lurked to seize what's yours,
who jumped on backs, asphyxiate,
and chased in front of cars too late.
A path with bars, dark destiny
our lonely lanes, infinity,
a place awaits to reckon still
the saddo bullies' saddo's thrills,
when only hear the winds that moan,
still dream return our happy home........

Lyrics Damson Bonfire Producer Ken Torr
Publisher Boo Designs Ltd Performance Damson Bonfire Ken Torr
Label Boo Designs Ltd
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