Don't Kick Me When I'm Down

Story Behind The Song

The genuine appeal of living freely in nature, but realizing it has its own risks and drawbacks. Finding safe, clean water; dry warm or cool habitats and shelter; safe, non-contaminated food, non-violent, robbing, strangers, companions. Having things to barter with, or having a little money to buy things with; looking after your own injury, health needs; trying not to crave, need, use harmful substances too often. Realizing you still get old, and might not be as pleased with your choices as you thought you would.

Song Description

At first, life on the road was easy, and they started off with a full kit pack. Gradually, kit got worn out, sometimes stolen, bartered for whisky, until nothing was left, except getting older and life on the road harder; and eventually freedom and nature were the only familiar, non-judging things in their life.With whisky taking a toll on health, start to wonder when and where last day will be, coming to terms with it getting closer, and whether they will be smiling or crying?

Song Length 5:24 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Gloomy Subject Life, Failure
Language English Era 2000 and later


Don't kick me when I'm down,
cause I've left so many towns,
just like other days,
I don't know where I'm bound.
Don't kick me when I'm down,
I might not rise again,
my heart sorely broken,
cries can hide in the rain.

Short Music Refrain

These old roads all that I've got
beg some whisky from shops,
an old guy in Kentucky
Said "Friend, you gotta stop."
He meant well, and gave me,
the bottle I crave,
though I know it will send me
straight down to my grave

I've been a Good Samaritan
well, I've tried in my time,
but no one remember,
only me, just sometimes.
So, please don't try to kick me,
now I'm feeling down,
ain't there room for both of us,
on this old piece of ground?

I don't care if its rocky,
or if I'm alone,
just don't try to kick me
and break these old bones.
I don't think that I'm all bad,
there's times, I've done good,
hope The Dear Lord is listening
and judge as he should.

Short Music Refrain

I ain't got a rucksack,
not even a pack,
Worldly goods have all gone now,
so there's none on my back.
No longer a traveller
going on to a place,
my pleasure is freedom,
weather-map on my face.

My music, the wind's howl,
and drinking soft rain,
my food, fish in rivers,
wild garlic grown lane.
I just seem to survive now,
won't know-last day or mile,
will I be crying,
or trying to smile.

Short Music Refrain

So, don't kick if you see me,
be last friend, give a wave,
you don't have to worry
'bout-someone, you can't save.
Life is a gamble
and sometimes you lose,
but if you keep trying,
Hope, the treasure you choose.

Lyrics Sandra Robinson Music Sandra Robinson Session Guitarist Mark Hopwood
Producer Ken Torr Publisher Boo Design Ltd
Performance Damson Bonfire Label Boo Designs Ltd
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