Hi, I Love Lyric Writing, story-telling in songs flowing into creative melody I then record as demo tracks. Original style. 2005, Winner of BBC Radio 2 & BBC TV's Drama Musical 'Blackpool' Ballad Competition 'Oh Beer Rich, Beer Sweet Midlands Town'on BBC Mark Radcliffe's Show. Psychedelic Rock, theatrical Mr.Cocaine, No 3 in Broadjam charts 2005 & 2016. Older tracks, Mark Hopwood, guitarist, and Sam Hawkins, some duo playing, Paris Dancer; Ken Torr, keyboard on No Stone, and tracks producer. Range, eclectic, evocative, story, emotional songs, poss suitable film, theatre, TV too. Have also been in Charts Top Ten for many weeks with Long Road To Dreams spiritual track. 20I9 was runner-up with I'm Not Open For Business Now in Adult Contemporary Category of International Song Contest. Performed in my own He's The Man With The Stained Brown Fingers and Bellicus Abscedo, two musical dramas in York a few years ago. Bonfire.

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During Covid, studio closed, so more recently have been renovating an old, open to the four winds studio. Storms, snow and rain have stopped work for the last two weeks but we still hope to finish it at New Year!

Bye for now and "Happy Christmas & New Year" to everyone!

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Won BBC Radio 2 Mark Radcliffe Show Ballad with "Beer Rich, Beer Sweet Midlands Town".Got To No 3 Broadjam Rock Charts with " Mr Cocaine".

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Listeners say Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights) or possibly Norah Jones when slower, slightly bluesy ballads.


Love many different genres, some particular composers/artists are Puccini, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Carole King, Alison Krauss, Karen Carpenter, Ella Fitzgerald, Pet Shop Boys, Everly Brothers, The Cars, Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse. Norah Jones.



Heck! I write some good material, but usually only sing/record to basic demo level. Get nervous, forget to breathe and relax!

I write original sings in different styles. I was a winner of BBC Radio 2 & BBC TV's Drama Musical 'Blackpool' Ballad Competition with "Oh Beer Rich, Beer Sweet Midlands Town". The BBC recorded the ballad,Jim Moray sang it on the Mark Radcliffe's Show. My psychedelic Rock track, Mr.Cocaine, a theatrical rock song, got to No 3 in Broadjam's charts in 2005/2006 and again in 2016. Work took me away from my music from a while, but have come back with new songs. My latest, DEMO ONLY tracks have just been uploaded with backing guitarist Mark Hopwood, and Sam Hawkins, doing a spot of duo playing on "Paris Dancer", also Ken Torr on piano on "No Stone", and he produces my tracks. Some of the songs I write are quirky, evicative, alternative. Some are more classically alternative. Some are evocative stories and vignettes, or emotion type songs, possibly suitable for film, musicals, theatre, or TV projects, as well as individual music tracks. Hope you like!


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Blues Traveller.
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Ruby Remembering Soft Brushing Seal Of Days

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Hi Everyone,

We have been renovating an old, unfinished open to the winds studio. Last phase of our work on it held up due to two storms, last one Barra, high winds, rain, sleet and snow

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In this world maelstrom, keeping links with our passion for music, our communication through song, and our creating new work is more important than ever. The world sings somewhere in the universe, possibly forever.

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