Song Length 3:23 Genre Classical - General

007 soundtrack...

Great key and tone.Emotion is on point

this belongs in a suspence type film or action type is what I hear

Reminds me of a sinister scene in a movie. I like the feel overall.

Lots of potential here, I can hear this song being played in a epic battle scene.

I immediately felt the movie possibilities for this song. Felt like rising revenge, anger and getting even with someone. The arrangement was fine, the instrumentation was fine. The song had a definite conceptual theme to it. This could also be the song at the end of a movie just before the credits roll.

A very dramatic compostion and arrangement

Excellent for a film

very cool use of synths.
I'm more into lyrically moving songs.
good recording over all

It reminds me of a scene of a vast invading army marching up to a walled city, then laying siege to it.

You can guess the intention. You probably have good references.

Motif is well represented and gets development throughout. Its like a theme with embellishments to it throughout! Instrumentation is excellent and the mood is sometimes very haunting while still moving throughout. Lower basses project the main melody throughout and is dynamically pronounced. Instruments were layered throughout and build. Just when you think you've reached the end......a pause and continuing to complete the entire statement. My kind of piece and it is excellent!!

Like the dark undertones of the tune. Can totally see this being used in a show like Dr. Who (or shows like that)

I hear a work in need of further development. The instrument/patch choices have potential, but there is ... [continued below]

From a composition/arrangement standpoint, I really liked the juxtaposition of the classic main melody with the ascending strings and the shift from a 4/4 feel to a slow 6/8 as a result. It is very effective and seems to fit well with modern trailer/opening credit sequences.

This sounds like a soundtrack from a war movie. The ship is moving forward. Any minute the torpedoes will be shot and the explosion will occur. Words to describe: ominous, driving, scary, suspense, always moving forward...maybe in a fog. Excellent work!

Very intense and tense tune starting with the bass heavy introduction. Nice interplay between the sampled instrumentation. I liked the pause/rest just before the end.

Bhaskar possesses all the musical skills necessary to be successful in creating cinematic orchestral scores that will paint tonal soundscapes to compliment any movie trailer or action scene.

Nice job. I like the song....

Interesting listen. Some good dramatic cue ideas.

A Psycho Synth Horn piece of wonderful madness!

I guess classical music has changed. Surely can say that it wasn't pretty. But we get the point, which means it is well done.

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