Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song when my wife and I found out that our son, Josh, was born with severe health problems. It was a most difficult time that ended up Redefining us both.

Song Description

The song starts with just acoustic guitar & vocals, and then builds into a full-band sound midway into the song. The chorus is the highlight of the song, with its beautiful, soaring melody. This recording features excellent vocals by Heather King of Daniel's Window, and the band plays strong acoustic & electric guitar parts, and sings terrific harmonies.

Song Length 5:24 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content, In High Spirits Subject Hope, Relationship
Similar Artists Lady Antebellum, Mandy Moore Language English
Era 2000 and later


The sun where did it go?
I'd like to know
Is it hiding from me?
The stars are not in their place
Revealing their grace
And dimly they breathe

When You hold my hand
I know that I can
Become all I am
And you remind me
Of how it should be
You've redefined me yeah

I can't explain why
The harder I try
It comes back to you
So I'm letting go
I want you to know
I'm starting new

You make me believe
In what I can't see
I'll trust in your heart

lovely voice nice guitar sound and strumming.
you have a good voice and it carries the song. shows good emotion. high quality sound and production. well performed and arranged track. very likeable , would suit soundtracks and movie scenes this one.nice guitar sounds on the break really set it apart

Crisp recording. Ballad-ish. Could be a country cross over song. Instruments all sound tight. Also a Gospel/spiritual theme it seems. I think there's licensing or publishing material here. Somewhat of an inspirational theme. Pretty universal.

Great vocals overall good sounding song.

Great song, wonderful voice.

think i reviewed this before? i like it...the entry is cool, the vocal is wonderful...lyrics well done generally. "stars not in there place" great work...nice prechorus, and not much instrumentation leads to the build...well arranged...
damn i like this...

Lyrics Adam Avery Music Adam Avery
Publisher Stonegate Productions Performance Danniel's Window
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