Tell Me

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Electro


Tell Me (Something I Don't Know)
By Adam Avery & Claire Ulanoff

You got that fire in your eyes again
That look you get when you got something to say
C'mon now baby don't hold it in
Yeah you got my full attention

You know you kill me when you shoot from the hip
Your aim is perfect, girl, you never miss
When you call me out it works every time
So just say what's on your mind

Tell me I'm wrong
Tell me you're right
Tell me you've thought about telling me goodbye
Tell me to get it together
Tell me to change
Tell me you can't live like this another day
Tell me how lucky I am
Tell me I'm no Romeo
Baby, tell me something I don't know

I'm not real good about reading your mind
My crystal ball can't show me what's in your heart
Sit down beside me, boy, we got time
To spend the night just talking

Tell me your scared
Tell me I'm strong
Tell me you can't live a minute if I'm gone
Tell me I coulda done better
Tell me I'm chic
Tell me how my kisses make your knees go weak
Tell me how wild I am
Tell me you won't let go
Baby, tell me something I don't know

When we're good we're golden - nothing can get in our way
Lets' not let things go unspoken - say what we need to say

Tell me I'm your one & only
Tell me you're proud
Tell me what we have will never ever run out
Tell me you're not keeping score
Tell me the same
Tell me the world is ours each and everyday
Tell me we're bulletproof
Tell me I'm your heart & soul
Baby, tell me something I don't know

Lyrics Adm Avery & Claire Ulanoff Music Adam Avery & Claire Ulanoff
Producer Christopher Hawthorn Performance Isaac French & Francesca Blanchard
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