The First Dance

Song Length 3:11 Genre Jazz - Swing, Jazz - Standards
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood On Cloud Nine, Adorable
Subject Love at First Sight, Marriage Similar Artists Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra
Language English


From the first step
Of the first dance
Of a life I barely dared to dream
I lock on your eyes
Find my sparkle there
And the room melts away from the scene.
Now I'm swaying softly
Close to your skin
More alive than I've ever been...
From the first step
Of the first dance
From here 'til forever I'm in.

From the first hello
I felt the afterglow
Of our souls reuniting at last.
I didn't need words
To share the joy
Of finding you there on my path.
I didn't know I was waiting
Anticipating you
'Til thunder struck from within.
From the first day
From that first hello
From here 'til forever I'm in.

I'm so in love with you
And since you asked me to
Share this dance
Share this life by your side
My feet ain't touched down
I've just been floating around
In a dream
My heart open wide!

Lyrics Jessica Stone Music Jessica Stone
Publisher Maidenstone Music Performance Jessica Stone
Label Maidenstone Music
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