Forget Me Not

Song Length 3:39 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Breaking Up, General
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow, Sarah Mclachlan Language English
Era 2000 and later


There's a song, like a flower
Bloomin' in my head.
You planted it there
With the words you said.
I watered it after,
Little tears that I shed.
Now it's growin'
Like a weed
Like a weed.

It's choking out light
That used to shine from my eyes.
Its easier in darkness
For thoughts to crystalize.
It seems you have a green thumb
For growing little white lies
From the truth.
From the truth.

Chorus 1 and 2:
So forget me not
When I've blown away
Like a dandelion who's overstayed her stay.
And forget this not
That I loved you so
And I stayed hoping you would grow.

I wanted this to last
I thought that we could see it through
I used to trust in this love
but now I can't trust you
And leaving won't be easy
But it's all that's left to do
I'll journey on.
I'll journey on.

The soil was fertile
For doubt to take seed.
Fueled by need, filled by lies
And sowed by deed.
Then I held on too tight
For our lives to breathe.
I'm pruning deeply,
Now we bleed,
Now we bleed.

Chorus 3:
So forget me not
When you've grown away
Like a climbing vine seeking light of day.
And forget this not
That I loved you true
And I stayed hoping you did too.
I loved hoping you did too.

Lyrics Jessica Stone Music Jessica Stone and Steve Hogan
Producer Jon Evans Publisher Maidenstone Music
Performance Jessica Stone Label Maidenstone Music
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