Flowers In Her Hair

Song Length 4:23 Genre Folk - Country
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Moving
Subject Sadness, Mother Language English


Wipe your tears away, child.
Momma will be alright in awhile.
No matter it's not you she's gazing at
These are friendly ghosts she sees.

Brush my hair today, Momma.
Tickle me on my back like you do.
Let's string flowers
through our hair tonight,
And I'll braid yours for you.

Why do all the white coats
Look and whisper.
Nothing to be done but wait.
When did your hair
Turn light, Momma?
And why did I notice so late?

Look at me, sing with me
One more time, Momma.
Your eyes have always been so clear.
I'm not ready for bed yet, Momma.
Right now I want to stay right here.

Wipe your tears away, Daddy.
Momma just smiled for a minute or two.
I braided her hair with flowers
And now she's on her way back to you.
To you.

Let's string flowers through our hair
Tonight. And I'll braid yours for you.

Lyrics Jessica Stone Music Jessica Stone
Producer Jon Evans Publisher Maidenstone Music
Performance Jessica Stone Label Maidenstone Music
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