Song Length 4:06 Genre Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Poignant
Subject Breaking Up Similar Artists Sarah Mclachlan
Language English Era 2000 and later


Let's speak softly of love, now.
Does it all fade to friendship in the end?
I reached for the sun
And you craved the moon
Now the space in between us won't mend.

We started off strong
And we could carry on like this,
Together and apart just the same.
But you deserve more
Than my heart has in store for you
And neither of us is to blame.

So let's hold hands
In the soft light of evening
When the sun and the moon share the sky
Then I'll fade away gently
And you'll find your place
Between the stars
And these tears of goodbye.

I care too much about your happiness
To stay here
Fondness is a twilight slowly dimming
And the heat of the touch
Of a lover is much more
The sea in which you should be swimming.


My story's been written
'Round yours for so long
There is fear at the unraveling
But the laughter and songs
And the quiet we've shared
Are indelibly etched on our dreams.
Forever isn't just about rings.

(Chorus) (Tag on ending)

Lyrics Jessica Stone Music Jessica Stone and Steve Hogan
Producer Jon Evans Publisher Maidenstone Music
Performance Jessica Stone Label Maidenstone Music
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