In That Moment

Song Length 3:47 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Attracted, Crush, General
Similar Artists Jewel, Fiona Apple Language English
Era 2000 and later


I can remember when your skin was new
Your touch was fire
It burned me right through
The way you kissed me was so slow and sweet
How many times could we possibly meet
In that moment
In that moment
When I found you.

I remember your heartbeat from clear cross the room
Pounding in my ears, boy, and making me swoon
With every lightning strike you sent down my spine
I held my breath and waited for you to find
In that moment
In that moment
For you to find me.

So put down your drink man
And come over here
Let me hear the story of you in my ear
How many times can we possibly stay
Strange to eachother and new in this way
In this moment
In this moment
When I've found you.

But the lights are out now, its just half past ten
Life carried on but we tried to pretend
Three years of bills and the TV as our date
We ask ourselves how we can recreate
Just one moment
Like that moment
When I found you.

Lyrics Jessica Stone Music Jessica Stone
Producer Jon Evans Publisher Maidenstone Music
Performance Jessica Stone Label Maidenstone Music
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