So Far Away

Song Description

Longing, missing that special person. The singer is with that person in spirit but physically so far away.

Song Length 3:43 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


I'm gazing out the window at thirty thousand feet
And early morning I left you with a kiss on your sleepy cheek
Now I'm soaring high above, missing you beneath
Crossing timezones, hitting milestones over mountain peaks

So Far Away, but in my dreams I can hold you tight, close to me
So Far Away, but in your eyes I can see the skies of a sunny day

Plenty of times I thought you were mine for eternity
But deep inside I could not hide from reality
Now late at night, my head's on the pillow, I'm wondering
Where you are, and what you're doing while I'm suffering

(Repeat chorus)

Can you hear my voice, creeping softy in the night
Can you see my smile, painted in the starlight
But I'm far from home, and I'm all alone
So far from home, and I'm lonesome

(Repeat chorus)

So Far Away,
So Far Away
So Far Away
So Far Away

lovely voice nice song

You Music in this song is calming with the good blend of instruments which are musically played very well. The piano and flute with guitar as well as the other choices you have made are a good combo for a folk Americana type song. Vocal work for this solo singer present isn't strong as some might be but that is ok as the So Far Away message still comes across. I look forward to hearing more of your original work submitted through Broadjam Pro Reviews in the future. Thank you for allowing me to review So Far Away.

What a beautiful voice! So pleasant to listen to. High and sweet with just the right amount of variation on some of those fun notes. It's a beautiful love song...sounds like it was written in a plane. Great original approach. Nice instrumentation. Love the lyrics.

I really like the vocals on this one. Beautiful arrangement as well, I also love the lyrics. I love the keyboards, especially the introduction. Very cool sounding folk Song. The female vocalist has a very unique voice which helps the song stand out.

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance Randall Mark, KaytLynn Skai, Wolfgang Grasekamp
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Jeana Marie Potthoff Easy Listening 5/2/2021
Jeana Marie Potthoff folk-contemporary 5/2/2021

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