I Thank You

Story Behind The Song

Written for my wife

Song Description

love song

Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Standards
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Happiness
Similar Artists Burt Bacharach, Jack Johnson Era 2000 and later


Thank you.

Thinking about you today
All the things we use to do
We took a chance and moved away
To start a brand new

I know, I wouldn't be, the same without you
I thank you

Bandanna in your hair
paisley colored blue
That Denim skirt you use to wear
Was so a part of you.

I know, I wouldn't be, the same without you
I thank you

So many roads to choose, back when we were young.
You never doubted that , I was the one

Thinking about you today and all the things you've done for me.
For better or worse they say, you gave your best to me.

I know, I wouldn't be, the same without you.
I thank you


Nice song and melody with the lyrics was quite easy to listen to.

At the very beginning, it had the same feel as, "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head". Very well done.

Now don't go blurting out, "Retro, retro!" Some things never go out of style, and you know you like those feel good songs by Herman's Hermits and Donovan. Oh, and those melodies! This one has an easy going, catchy melody, ukulele, string section, ending purposefully with a hands down "I thank you." The arrangement is fresh and new. Lyrically, it's easy to follow. There's a wide variety of opportunities where this could fit. Somehow, after you listen to it, you'll realize, it's not caught way back in time. It's as pertinent and enjoyable today as it ever was.

laid back, good voice and guitar work, very relaxing jazzy sound to listen to.

The word mellow doesn't have any meaning any more, you stole all of it. Totally nice and pleasant piece. Are you sure your not back Ksren? HOOFDA!

Really nice tune, just lovely to listen to. Love the melody and lyrics, I like the vocals, very laid back which suits the song so well. Very nicely done. The instrumentation is simple but very affective. All the instrumental parts are well played and nicely recorded. Just a joy to listen to!

Nice vibe. Simple but effective. Seems like a 60s country-pop vibe. Solid voice, good instrumentation. For some reason, I'd love to hear a harmonica thrown in there.

Wow, I liked this song the longer it was on only wish it didn't end. Incredible instrumentation like a carnival for the ears, very well sung the genre is more jazz but certainly pop. Can see this in a movie for sure. Very well written very well performed

Very light and catchy, in a retro-60s style. The instrumentation reminds me of something Herb Alpert might have put out. Would likely work in a commercial advertising setting.

Lyrics John Van Wicklen Music John Van Wicklen
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