Far Away

Song Length 4:15 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Regret
Similar Artists Michael Buble


My love waits, patiently
For a change, begging please
The day, we said goodbye
Misty rain, clouded eyes

The words I spoke, were so sincere

Far away is the memory
Of the way, things used to be
But your not here, your
somewhere Far away

Miss your touch
When you were near
Made me feel, so loved
Your Sense of humor
So Endeared
Always left me with a smile

Your not here
Your somewhere

Far away
Like yesterday
Like a dream
Fades away

Your not here
Your somewhere far away

Life, can be so hard to take
Why did she (you) go away
Time just a memory
That we replay
We replay

Delightful backing and arrangement . A most enjoyable listen .

This sounds like it could be a Pop standard, and the voice is extremely-effective. The mix is lush and really fitting for the song. The little Beatles-esque rock accents just before the chorus was an interesting touch, though even on the 2nd listen I'm not sure they completely fit. But that's personal taste and this is a pretty song that can stand on its own merits.

this is the way it should sound.....quality!

Love this song and everything about it. Great vocals, great instumentation. Really loved the changes and added instruments as the song progressed. Very nice lyrics, could be used in a film very easily.

Lyrics Johnvanwicklen Music Johnvanwicklen
Producer Mike Gladstone Performance Johnvanwicklen
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