New Day

Song Length 3:27 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz


Wake Up
Get your feet, on the ground
It's a brand new day
Get up
Get up to wrap your arms all around
This great big world you've made

Now I know you'd say
It isn't easy being me
When the cards are stacked
A certain way

I know you think
Life isn't on your side
Black cats and crows, path your way


Broke down, looking up
To the sky, crying out
Why me

Can I, can I get my, daily bread
Im begging you, father please

Now, I know, you'd say
Life sucks and then you die
But you know,
you can't Go on, living in that way
So, act as, if you can not fail
Bring the magic to your life
And then, and then you'll
Be free

I really love the classical guitar introduction and also throughout the song. Also I like the rhythm guitar as well. The song is very well recorded. I love the lyrics because of the positive message. The drums are great and so are the vocals!

Really nice Bossa style jazz/pop, nice tuneful guitar playing.Great sounding voice, very appropriate, good lyrics, well done.

Really nice Latin tune. Fine vocals with some tasty guitar, well mixed.

Beautiful jazzy pop tune. Nice maj7 changes all over the place. Vocal's spot on. Pretty guitar work as well.

Very smooth sound with very pleasing vocals and great accompaniment and instrumentation. Backing vocals really add a lot to the experience.

nice beat, good bongos, nice vocals, acoustic guitar, smooth, easy listening, nice arrangement, well recorded,

Lyrics Johnvanwicklen Music Johnvanwicklen
Performance Johnvanwicklen
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