I write and produce a few different styles, play guitar, bass, keys, sing and program,
currently in LA working on a hip hop album with my friend Lisa Craft.
What else can I say music is my life my love and my escape.

Mick Jones AKA Slow Bongo Floyd

In 1990 I signed an 8 album deal with Epic and an 8 album publishing deal with Warners, during this time I worked with Paul Oakenfold, Steve Osbourne and Reni from the Stone Roses.While recording the second album I parted ways with Epic, I was with Warners for about 3 years - they teamed me up with Rowetta (Happy Mondays and later X-Factor UK finalist) and I spent 5 years with Rowetta, writing, recording and gigging but success was not forthcoming. I later moved to Ireland and in 2006 I co-wrote and produced Captain Moonlight's first album Agroculture pt.1 a seminal Irish hip hop album and 2007 I wrote and produced an album with Tony Morrissey from My Little Funhouse. After all this time and considerable ups and downs I still write constantly and music will always be my priority, I always wanted to write for film/TV and I hope that Broadjam will
help me achieve this goal.
I have a large catalogue of tunes and I am creating new material every day, I use Pro Tools and Reason


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over 30 days ago to Slow Bongo Floyd

Hi Mick. Brenda Salmonds is one of my favourite records and I still play the vinyl LP regularly. How good were SBF back then. I note that prior to this you released Acid House Inspirational. Was this an official release and if so do tracks still exist from this era? I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the original tape - or CDR? Any ideas on whether this record was demoed for the record companies? Love to hear more history. Cheers now. Alex - alive and well and living in Madchester UK.

katie robertson
over 30 days ago to Slow Bongo Floyd

hello bongo its craig remember me from mcalphines i drove the crane.
can you still ride a side boom

over 30 days ago to Slow Bongo Floyd

ziplok.us ziplokus@gmail.com

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