This is the home of some of Paul Marshalls musical output.
The music here is diverse.
The Bios section lists my various artist names and what ground they cover.
I hope you enjoy!

I am mainly focused on groove production and dance forms (tech,breaks,triphop etc)
My other focus is Film Music, There are several full orchestral pieces here and many fusions of beats and orchestra forming dramatic and large aural soundscapes.

There are a few underling themes I'm into, you can work them out!

and add me as a friend!

Cheers :)

Latest News

3 songs in charts after a year! Triphop/ D&B.
05/08 Less Talk More Action Triphop Charts.
04/08 Different Pressures Top 10 Breakbeat
03/08 Got Tha Moves Charts Triphop
02/08 Orchestral piece "100 bars" #1 in Oz charts & unique/soundtracks
12/07 #1 & 2 Oz charts, Watchout & Nightime Calls
11/07 NightTime Calls #3 Oz Charts.
11/07 #1 electronic #1 drumnbass #2 Oz for Watchout.
10/07 Top 10 TripHop "Arabs and Indians"
08/07 Dance Charts for "Rockstars".

Exploding Soul Productions

My label and registered business name is "Exploding Soul Productions". It's the umbrella name for all the things i do including graphic arts.


Dakoura is the name of my Teck/House/Breaks stuff that is club orientated as apposed to being experimental or hardcore.
120BPM to 145BPM

The Elemental

"The Elemental" is the name my experimentaly fused trip hop and grooves go under.
110BPM - 65BPM

Impulse Response & Nookeye

"Impulse Response" is my hard electro, experimental crazyness and ambient electro tag.

"Nookeye" is my rock/ crossover projects that dont fit anywhere else.

General Info.

I compose, play, produce and master. I Have been on a mission since 15 - the very start of digital and the one man show -now 33..I enjoy fusing electro/beats with other things generally, and most dance music and Orchestral or Classical. also provide 2d/3d graphics/ flash and video editing.
Lots of styles represented here.. some demos,some complete? Most of my music is for creating spaces, it is visual and best in the background which is the kind of music i prefer. Good for working amongst and films etc.
Please contact for liscensing or original composition requests. I cover a lot of ground and have a love of most music..except country..sorry. I have spent many years working in cd and record shops (that is I've heard a lot of music) so I hope the many influences I'm trying to fuse entertain u.

All original playing, programming and music composition.. If there are loops i made them from scratch.. etc....!

Click "play all"and enjoy the ride....The albums sort the music into groups..
Have a good day! :)

About The Tech

Dual G5 Running LogicPro 8 (have been using Logic since Notator/Atari days, still have 3 Ataris and an Amiga 500)..
QuadCore PC running lots of things.
Ensoniq ASR10 +OEX-6 Output Expander/ MR Rack / DP4
Roland D50/ JD990/ Juno106/ Alpha Juno/ Sh101
Korg M3R
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Oberheim Xpander (on loan)
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass and "Lucile" Guitar. Ibanez Performance Acoustic. Musicman ripoff bass.
Novation Basstation
Yamaha CLP300 88note controller.
Behringer Autocom Pro and BCR2000
Musical Fidelity Digilog DA
Presonus Inspire AD/DA
Quad 303 amp and 33 Preamp/ B@W DM100i
Alesis M1 Active.
Dell and IBM Lappies.
MPL2242 22Channel Mixer and Tascam 16 Channel... and other bits..
Rode NT2A and NT4 Stereo Pair.
Senheiser E845 Mic and "Ovation"565 Headphones.

Logic Pro 8, BFD, EastWest Symphonic Library, Fruity Loops, Wavelab. Cubase (sometimes).. Any free plugins i can get.

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