Upon attending Milwaukee Area Technical College, while learning about music occupations, I discovered a strong passion for writing music, songs and Steinway acoustic pianos. 

Since the sweet influence of my beloved dog, many jingles have been sung and written together. 

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Winter's End

My "Winter's End" piece is in the Classical - Baroque Top Ten. Thank you.


I threw away most of what I wrote. I don't play well, practice or know much. I love the piano.

I have a song copyrighted. Registration Number/Date: PAu003619715/2010-10-25 I Don't Need You Anymore by Rena Lee Enea, 1966


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Rena Enea
over 30 days ago to Rena Enea

Donations received at PayPal.me/RenaEnea

Thomas E. McCue
over 30 days ago to Rena Enea

Thank you, Rena, for your positive review of my song, "Little One". The child referenced in the song represented the loss to all of us of the millions of aborted children throughout the world who could have changed the future of humanity. I truly believe that they are all in the loving arms of Jesus, as is a grandchild of ours that we lost due to a miscarriage.

Tom McCue

Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Rena Enea

Hello there, Rena, thanks for reviewing Thank You, Jesus. That is very vintage...the second song I wrote after becoming a Jesus-follower. I see you play the piano! Cool! Your friend in FL, Mrs. Kate

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