I am a songwriter, my daughter and I work together on songs and I am interested in selling them for movies and television programs. I am also interested in finding a co writer whose work is compatible with the songs I write
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Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Randy Calligan

Hi Randy,
Thanks for your detailed review of Days Of Mystery. Very valid comments about the arrangement, I'm always happy to get constructive feedback. (I seem to have a bit of habit of playing bits and pieces of guitar on songs but I do try to avoid crossing over the vocal. I maybe could have tried harder in this song!)

Much appreciated,

P.S. Had a quick trip around some of your songs, very high quality and nice original compositions. Good luck with your projects.

over 30 days ago to Randy Calligan

Returning to Broadjam after a few years and heard your "Dance of the Autumn Leaf Fairy" in the ShowDown. That was a breath of fresh air so came to your page. Most impressed. I hope this leads to great things for you. Given the time of year, Happy Holidays to you and family

George Michael John
over 30 days ago to Randy Calligan

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the great review of escape, much appreciated! Thanks for the suggestion also!

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over 30 days ago

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