Bob's diverse musical training and experience shines through in his newest music now available on The material offered on this site ranges from cutting edge modern rock tunes to instrumentals written and designed for film, TV and video game projects. Harmonic melody lines, syncopated rhythms, and plenty of "dancin in the cracks" is prevalent throughout these well produced recordings. Additionally, only world class musicians were hired for drums, bass and keyboard LIVE instrumentation. The production stems can be provided upon request in ProTools HD or Studio One Pro format or through Digidelivery or any other preferred method. Enjoy!

Sounds Like: Eric Johnson, Alex Lifeson

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Be sure to check out one of Bob's latest guitar solos on the new Feelin' It video!

Top 10's:
"Somebody Stop Me" #1 Prog Rock, #2 GA, #6 SE Region
"Seven" #3 Prog Rock, #5 GA
"All These Things" #2 Modern Rock, #3 GA,
"There was a Time" #7 Prog Rock, #10 GA
"Dancin in the Cracks" # 3 Modern Rock

Be sure to check out our new releases including Telekinesis and Feelin' it!

Bob Hutson, Songwriter/Guitarist

Bob has been playing guitar for over 30 years. Over this entire period of time, he has closely studied the techniques and compositions of the greatest guitar players on earth including Steve Howe (Yes), Alex Lifeson (Rush), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Robert Fripp & Adrian Belew (King Crimson), Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Jimmy Page (Led Zep) and many more. Additionally, Bob studied music in College at Tulane University as well as private tutors including Russell Brazil (pupil of the late great classical guitarist Andrea Segovia).

Bob's diverse songwriting skills stem from his study of music theory and not falling in the trap of a unidimensional rock guitarist. Many years were spent studying and playing jazz and classical music, not just rock and roll. Although rock is Bob's preference, he is capable of writing and playing songs in any genre. Bob is now concentrating on writing more mainstream rock songs that will attract serious publishing interest as well as instrumental tunes that are targeted at music projects for film and television.

Bob has played live for throngs of fans since he was 16. Bob's progressive rock CD release in 2001 under the band name Ultima Thule, Formation Projeckt Volume 1 has sold in 7 countries and continues to do well in the US to date.


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Bob Hutson
over 30 days ago to Bob Hutson

Hello to friends and follows. It's been awhile since I've been back on Broadjam. Recently spent some time in the studio and released a couple of new tunes. We really worked hard on Telekinesis and Feelin it. Both of these are very different from the earlier material I was writing. Be sure to check them out and please... provide some feedback! Thanks!!

Thanks for the thorough review of "Medieval Games". Just to clarify, there are all live instruments, guitar, drums and percussion are all actual musicians doing their thing. Yes the tune is a little keyboard heavy but there is a live guitar lead and I feel a lot more elements to focus on. Sorry you were so distracted by the keyboard line.

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Bob Hutson
over 30 days ago

You have a real nice band going on for sure! I'm jealous you've found so many good musicians in this style. As I've gotten older (53) I prefer a more natural sound to my music. I like synth and keys a lot, but I also like to hear the human aspects of the playing and the acoustics in the recording. Its just a personal thing... don't let my critique change your direction. Its just me! :-)

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