My Name is Ulf Pettersson and I embarked on my musical trip in 1977. Since then I've been playing in various bands and with several artists, both amateurs as well as major established acts, making records and touring around in Europe.

Overall, I like for my music to reflect the best in people, - to display the positive and creative side of human nature, as opposed to the wild, destructive and uncontrolled. I like music to reach for a positive emotion, even if it’s a sad song. You know, having the blues can also be constructive.

Having said that, I also realize I cannot use white ink on white paper and still get the message across…

These “songs� can be regarded as snapshots of moments, feelings, or like watching works of art, as opposed to songs in the sense of traditional linear storytelling.

The “songs� will work at their best in collaboration with visual representation of particular events, or emotions.

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