Mary Ott has been a professional musician since the age of 7. She's a Singer/songwriter/musician that writes from the heart and her humor. She started touring in 1998 with the release of her ,From My Room CD, performing at festivals such as the Cupertino Art and Wine Festival, Walnut Festival, Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach and many others. Her music is getting international radio airplay in 15 countries currently, including, WCVF-FM in New York, CJUM in Canada, Valley FM 89.5 in Australia, FAB-AM in the U.K., 101.5 FM in Australia, Veluwe FM Radio in the Netherlands and 92.5 FM in Germany.
Reviews of Mary's From My Room CD: Alan Cackett of Country Music International Magazine wrote:
Mary Ott delivers a gorgeous, sparkling record that showcases her crystalline voice, her inspired songcraft and a refreshing approach to toward musical arrangement.
Mary's song, From MY Room, Was just Voted Song of the Week, in Spain.


I grew up in a beautiful part of Minnesota, right along the Mississippi. I started taking piano lessons with my Dad at the age of 5, and starting taking guitar lessons at 7. After 2 weeks on the guitar, I got my very first paying gig. I was hooked !! All through grade school and High School I performed in choirs and various singing groups. By the time I was 18, I was a working musician. I did weddings, club gigs, private events. You name it, I’d go play there.
During my coIlege years I competed in and won the NATS festival, a Opera Vocal Competition. I moved to California and finished my Music degree as a composer. People always ask me, what kind of music do you do? And it’s a valid question. I Call MY music Cosmic Rock. Why the Cosmic part? Because I write alot about spirit and things like meditation, spirit guides; kind of unusual song themes. Growing up I listened to radio. So I was influenced by alot of different styles and types of music. I really like it all.
Starting in 1998, I began touring around California, doing festivals, radio shows to promote my gigs and other private events.
Right now in 2007, I am primarily writing and recording songs for TV and film projects,with a few occasional gigs thrown in for fun.
I'm currently receiving airplay on over 100 radio stations worldwide and my song From My Room was recently named song of the week on a radio station in Spain. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Mary Ott

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