Dream Mountain

Story Behind The Song

I went out to Bishop California to visit my sister and on this one occasion we went out line dancing and I saw this woman teaching everybody to dance. Well that evening inspired me to write this song.

Song Description

This song is about a woman who lives in a small town. Everybody knows her and thinks that she's happy and doing fine, but behind the facade, she's drinking herself into a sad state where she reminisces about lost love and happier times.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Country, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable, Enchanting Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine, Dreams
Similar Artists K.T. Oslin, Blues Traveler Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dream Mountain

Music and Lyrics by Mary Ott Copyright 2001

She teaches dances, to the locals, every Saturday night.
Two step tilly, oh won?t ya hold me, won?t you hold me, hold me tight.
Twirls and spins, ain?t got a care
Least that?s the way it looks from here.
And she dares, yes she dares,
To take on, take on the stares.
And she goes up to Dream Mountain.
Yes she goes up, when ere she can.
She goes up to Dream Mountain.
Where she dreams that there?ll be better days,
Watch them pass through a bourbon haze,
Ridin? on the wind, to Dream Mountain.
She hides her feelings oh so well,
Most folks ?round here could never tell.
But she sits alone and hits the gin,
After a few she speaks of him.
Something real, something fine,
Is what they shared.
Now go to sleep, feel the wine,
Ridin? on the wind, to Dream Mountain.
This life she?s leading is killing her,
It takes some time to understand.
Don?t let her heart tell her, stop believin?
Look out over Eden, look out over, to Dream Mountain.

Lyrics Mary Ott Music Mary Ott
Producer Mark Segal and Mary Ott Publisher Mary Ott
Performance Mark Segal-Guitar,Drums, Bass Mary Ott Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals Label Self Produced
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