Someone Else's Son

Song Description

This is a song about a mother's gut wrentching decision to give her baby up for adoption.

Song Length 5:48 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Love for Child
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


It's hard for me to think of when
I changed your fate in just one day
With a simple stroke of a stranger's pen
I signed a piece of myself away.

And all the phone calls and the pictures
Well, they don't amount to much
When all a mother really wishes
Is to feel her baby's touch.

Now you're someone else's son.
But you were born of a wonderous age
I'll see you rise above the sun
And I'll be with you all the way.
Of all the choices I have ever made
And all the ones I know will come.
I know I'll never forget the day.
I made you someone else's son.

Verse 2:
It's hard to think of all I'm missin'
With every passin' day.
I send you all a mother's kisses,
While I sit quietly and pray
Please believe every word is true
Like I believe in what I've done.
It's only for, my love for you,
That you're someone else's son.

I know one day you'll grow to be
An honest man.
With every breath I draw,
I hope you'll understand.

Copyright 2006 Mary Ott
Lyrics by Marc Bischoff
Music by Mary Ott and Mark Segal

Lyrics Marc Bischoff Music Mark Segal/ Mary Ott
Producer Mark Segal and Mary Ott Publisher Mary Ott
Performance Mark Segal All instruments, Mary Ott All Vocals Label Independent
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