Jonathan Le Vay is a UK-based jazz fusion keyboard player with an original and versatile style. His playing has excellent feel across wide-ranging chords / time-signatures with fast and fluid fingerwork.

This music has an energetic funky edge featuring rhodes, clavinet, hammond and synth but contrastingly also mellow acoustic piano - hard-hitting style, yet at times extremely gentle. For solo piano pieces check out the album Grand Slam.

Jonathan Le Vay is also a trained painter and has been a curator of Fine Art exhibitions for over 20 years.


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Hey Johnathon! Really cool style! Are you playing bass through a keyboard using some kind of effects? Thanks! Catnip

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Jonathan Le Vay
over 30 days ago

Glad you like! Nearly all my bass lines are played on a keyboard - either using virtual bass (or sometimes synth), often going through virtual amp too. However some songs use the bass as audio directly recorded from my Roland keyboard, which is far better result - that's my preferred option, best regards

Come on down got me downtown down! Catnip=+=

Enjoyed "Get Ahead" immensely! What Hammond the new one Bx-3 or something like that? All the Best!

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