Julia Grayling is an infectious artist with an edgy touch that performs with conviction and connects with her audience.Her vocals have a powerful, unique,style that shows passion instilled in her lyrics and brings magic to her story.

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Julia has just recorded her soon to be released album in France with James Sanger/Vibey Studios(Phil Collins, Madonna,U2 etc...)


Julia Grayling is an infectious artist with an edgy touch that performs with conviction and raw emotion that will captivate your soul.
Her vocals and songwriting have a unique and distinct style filled with passion that brings magic to the story.She delivers her songs with a genuine honesty that speaks and connects with her audience.Her music is filled with melodic hooks and catchy lyric, blending humor and fun with heartfelt emotion.

Julia has been working on her new album with 18 time Grammy winning producer James Sanger of Vibey Studios out in France. As a producer and programmer, James is credited with over 60 million record sales worldwide. His work has also won 3 Brit awards, 18 Grammys and 2 Ivor Novello awards. Julia's first single "Shallow Heart" from her upcoming album will be released by the end of this 2015.

Julia won the Best Song Of The Month for Songwriter Universe in October of 2014 for her song "All Tied Up"
that she recorded with American Composer, Christopher Tyng( Futurama,The O.C. Suits,etc.) for his Grow Music Project.She has also won as a finalist for her song AM Here PM There this month.

Julia was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago.Her father, Phil a member of the 70"s band Heartsfield(Columbia/Mercury) was a guitarist and songwriter,and by the age of 13,she was following in his footsteps as a prolific songwriter and performer.There are no limits to her scope of ideas, she wraps them into masterful lyrics with candid honesty.

"Why we love Julia here at GMP: As a songwriter, Julia stood out in a big way. She puts you straight away into the heart of the song, especially with a track like "All Tied Up." We knew we were listening to something meaningful and honest. There's no filler with Julia. If she wants to say something, she says it and finds her own sly way of making it cool. And then there's her voice - her vocal prowess is impressive, and it's a complete artist that can blow you away with both lyrical chops and a killer unique voice. We were in "wow" mode the moment she began to sing that first verse. And when the chorus came in - she moved up to the top of our selection list. - Chris, Grow Music Project Staff"

Why you need to know about Julia: Her sound is all her own, but accessible enough to find a way into anyone's playlist. With such a great voice and a tell-it-like-she-sees-it approach to her lyrics, you'll feel connected with her instantly. Hers is the kind of songwriting that captures your attention and inspires you to want more. You'll get where we're coming from, when we say Julia is a really special artist. - Chris, Grow Music Project Staff"

"There have been very few unsigned artists that I have fallen in love with over the years I've been in the business. I saw Julia perform in Hollywood at The House Of Blues and she is one of them. Her unique sound and look drew me right in.You'll remember where you were the first time you heard her. She is one to watch our for."-Shelly Yakus (John Lennon,Tom Petty,Stevie Nicks,Dire Straits)

"Julia provides you with that feel good chorus time and time again.Fun music that makes you want to kick back, have a beer, and wave your arm along in time with. A great voice that lures you in with her sweetness then when she lets loose with a surprising growl, makes you stand up and commands your attention."-Andrew Dawson )2x Grammy Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer) Fun, Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay Z)

"Julia's creative, dynamic and versatile voice helps to create incredibly catchy and commercial Pop-Rock hooks. At Song Revelation we can see the start of something significant for Julia. Definitely one to watch!"
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John Mac
over 30 days ago to Julia Grayling

Hi Julia,
Love your voice..Happy new year....Found your song in the Top 10 with mine also..https://www.broadjam.com/song s/broadjam.com111/got-me-happy..do you record or produce yourself or do Session vocals.?

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Julia Grayling

Julia Graying....LOVE YOUR VOICE! Really original sounding!! 5 Stars & Likes!!!

Wear a Mask.......
The Corey's................

1 Replies
Julia Grayling
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much!!! :)

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Julia Grayling

Dear Julia, listening to, "Talk To Me", cool 50's vibe with your voice and reverb guitar playing!! 5 Stars & Likes!! What's cool is it all sounds really fresh and new...great Job!!

Stay Safe.......
The Corey's...............

Suggestion, have the lyrics showing on your tunes on Broad Jam and show who is playing on your compositions.....inquiring Minds want to know???

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