Dan Mahoney/ Jimmy Mundane of "The Jimmy Mundanes"

Music those Washington Fatcats in Hollywood don't want you to know about.

All good bands are an elaborate hoax man. When I see the fictive nature of what I see on television and what I hear from the media in general, why should I as an artist feel compelled to tell anyone the truth about anything? The Jimmy Mundanes is a mild-mannered storefront which masquerades the more noble pursuits of the Frontlash Consumers Union, a loosely knit collaboration of "stakeholders" who look good in turtlenecks and hang out mysteriously on the fringes of society, secretly smoking out fatcats (and suspected fatcat sympathizers) and bringing The Bastards down once and for all.. May contain: J V Crockett Valensky, Carmine Mundane. We is the Kings of the Rastabilly Groove. Check Out www.tthejimmymundanes.com for more misleading improperganda.
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