Monday Saints is made up of musician/songwriters Armin Bestel and Stephen Shannon. In addition to their 2005 release 'Sworn on the Relics - Resurgence,' they have written music used in the zombie movie 'Flesh of my Flesh,' worked on commercials, and played together in alternative rock bands.

'Monday Saints' might be described as indie-alternative, brit pop, or psychedelic. Some of their songs border on country-rock (Lone Road Home, Leave That Girlfriend), still others are closer to goth-rock or grunge (Summertime Love, Leavin').

Armin and Stephen have also written songs on commission and are pursuing other outlets for their musical creativity (e.g. music for movies and TV)

Their first CD 'Sworn on the Relics - Resurgence' available at

Monday Saints is currently working on new material that will be available for listening and download soon.

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This month download 'One More Time' for free!

'Sworn on the Relics' CD

Our first CD 'Sworn on the Relics - Resurgence' now available at

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