In Between

Song Length 4:33 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Subject Life


In Between
(Dan Mahoney)

In between open eyes and
Your final night of sleeping,
May a minimum of weeping waste your day.
In between the short pants and
The danace-able occasions,
Be there minimal abrasions cast your way.
In between the mnimum and
maxing of your sentence,
In between the income and
The taxing and repentance,
In between
the river and the road.
In between little sin and
A God still throwing lightning,
Your own children are more frightening
Than the commies used to be.
In between humankind and
The colors of our nation stands
Our present incarnation from
Sea to flaming sea.
In between the bridges and
the dams under construction.
In between the flashlight and
The path to our destruction,
In between
the river and the road.
In between hands and knees and
The crooked cane so painful, may
The wisdom by the brainful, come
To ease your pain and strife.
In between wedding bells and
The youth that you are losing leave
In place of this illusion a
Love to fill your life.
In between the antidotes and
Poisons you're ingesting.
In between carcinogens at
Curbside for collecting.
In Between
The river and the road.

Lyrics Dan Mahoney Music Dan Mahoney
Producer Dan Mahoney Performance Dan Mahoney
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