Distant Drum

Song Length 4:26 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Alternative


Distant Drum
(Dan Mahoney)

I was on my last commandment
When you fell into your fame
The writing on the wall became
The lights around your name.
I left before you saw me, I
Went back the way I come.
Honey don't you hear the distant drum.

I come in the servants entrance,
I carried my own load. But,
I was out of uniform and
they made me hit the road.
I heard someone say "the things you see
when you just can't find a gun".
Honey won't you hear the distant drum.

Distant Drum.....
Talk of freedom and equality of race.
See the child wipe the spittle from her face.
Before we blow it all to Martin
Luther Kingdom come.
Honey won't you hear the distant drum.

Talk in lecture halls that
Made you feel your roots. For
The sake of Yankee dollars you
Were married to a suit.

It's hard to man the battlements and
Kling to my ballons but
if you're comin' back I'll
Welcome you with
open wounds.
I always dream in color but
we live in black and white,
Won't you hear the distant drum tonight.

Distant Drum...
May it haunt you 'til
Your senses come around. With
A pocket full of posies 'til
Your ashes all fall down.

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