A high-rotation, blissed out, dub influenced trip hop genius from middle earth (New Zealand). Jean-14 uses stratocasters, drumkits, samples, pro tools and such to make chilled hazy jazz friendly smilestyle. Hmm, thats a genre I just imagined then. Aotearoa has a fine selection of reggae and dub bands - Salmonella Dub, Fat Freddy's Drop, etc - and plenty of acoustic pop legends - Crowded House, Breaks Co-Op. Download some Jean-14 and hear the new crop.

An Introduction...

Hey all, my name is John and I'm currently living in Dunedin, New Zealand. I have been in many a band over the last 10 years of my 22 on this earth, from metal to reggae to jazz to funk to drum and bass. Now I make music for one person - me.

Anyway, thanks for checkin out my page and downloading my music, world! Please feel free to give me feedback on the tunes I submit...

I hope you dig my music, it is my passion. Peace out

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