Appealing to a wide audience, Goldenhorse's infectious, epic love songs and exaggerated quirky pop herald the arrival of an exciting new sound. Kirsten Morelle's sparkling vocals create sensual soundscapes which wind through swing, pop, folk and all out rock. Geoff Maddock's talent for composing and arranging has seen him arrange strings for, amoung others, Neil Finn of Crowded House.
LIVE, they explode! Tight and raw - a rock act in the best sense of the term - they hit that wonderful state that great bands do where it's like the music is playing them. It reminds you that the sheer possibilities of the guitar/bass/drums/vocals combo, far from being played out and superseded by electronica, have in fact barely begun to be explored. Their award winning melodies preside over the living bass and drums, the total effect being powerful invention.

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