Bill finds it fascinating how music can affect peoples moods -how it can get an emotional response. Bill enjoys using fx generated noise, which sounds a bit like real instruments, or just interesting along with keyboards to build up reasonably complex layers of beats, cadences, harmonies and melodies.
In his day job Bill is the creative director of PIXcreative a design studio which does everything from graphic design to webdesign and interactive DVDs.
Bill will create music for radio ads, voice overs and background music. He has composed and produced music for a short film and has won two prizes in the Pacific song writing competition and was a "December finalist" in the American "Song of the Year" competition 2005. He writes songs in his spare time and uses his work's recording studio and computers. Most of Bill's songs have made Broadjam's Top Tens with Macao Buzz making number one in electronica.

Latest News

Criusin' along in the cool of the night made the Jazz Fusion Top Ten 21-12-06
Macao Buzz made number 1 Electronic Top Ten 2-01-07
also made Director Top Ten
When Angels Sing made Australia Top Ten 9-1-07
Wiremumu made Dance Top Ten 26-01-07
Slinky Zebby made Drum and Bass Top Ten 7-02-07
Somethings out of R&B Top Ten 15-2-07
When Angels Sing Jazz Fusion Top Ten 15-02-07
sometimes detached- Industrial Top Ten 30-05-07
20/08/07 UK Songwriting Contest entered five songs - four songs made semis


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