Brief Description: Faith, family and friends all bound together by humility, patience and L.O.V.E. Simple? Hardly. But when connected it's a beautiful thing. Thank you for visiting and perhaps listening. The Jaydeans

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Just added 4 new songs from the EP Circle Back Around!

The Band

Jeffrey Lundeen - Guitar and vocals
Andy Sun - Bass and vocals
Michael Topping - Guitar
Micah Grogg - Drums
Robert Vorheis - Ukelele, Harmonica

About The Artist

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Jeffrey Lundeen of the The Jaydeans, enjoyed music and enjoyed singing but never really thought of pursuing a musical career. In fact, he spent many years studying to become a medical doctor and his passion for writing and recording was put on hold. After finding success as an orthopedic surgeon his musical drive reemerged and he and The Jaydeans have returned to the recording studio compiling quite a catalog of powerfully beautiful music. Blending acoustic with electronic sounds their music has an organic vibe that really hits home with listeners. Enjoy!

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The Jaydeans
over 30 days ago to The Jaydeans

Just added 2 versions of a new song "Superman". Come check them out and let me know what you think!

over 30 days ago to The Jaydeans

This music kept me going during some very difficult orthopedic times...and I had emailed Jeff to tell him so (not sure he remembers though). Thank you for such beautiful songs that truly touched my heart and soul. I would love to be able to direct others to these and your other songs, which I do not see here but know I used to listen to more of them...and if I could ever embed some on my site, I'd be more than happy to help share your wonderful work. Feel free to email me, and my site is
Many Blessings!

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The Jaydeans
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much for your kind words. We had taken a hiatus from the internet for a while to focus our energy on helping to lead worship at our local church. We have recently reactivated our website and you may see some of the songs that you had listened to in the past. We would be happy to share our music with you and anyone else that might enjoy it. We will be sure to visit your website. Thanks again and visit when you can. The Jaydeans

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