Welcome to Jaybeemusic, home of original pop songs about angels and demons, aliens and pussy cats, and much more. I'm currently at work on my new album, rumoured to feature sweet soul music. While that's cooking, check some some I made earlier. Go to ALBUMS, click on the covers to reveal the songs, then hit PLAY or BUY to do exactly that. There are 20 VIDEOS, images under ARTWORK,and LINKS to follow. Give me a shout and sign up for the mailing list under CONTACT, check out the latest at NEWS, and please sign the GUESTBOOK. Jaybee

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I'm working on new songs. Do hold your breath...


I'm jaybee, aka james bennett, jamesbenn, jaybeemusic@hotmail.co.uk I live near Brighton, UK, and I write and play catchy, kooky, quirky, literate, alternative, indie pop music, and this is where you can find it.

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