What matters more; words or music? Rosetta Pebble, which began as a two man song-writing collective in 1999, unravels the riddle. Sweet acoustic ballads flow into power pop; Stradivarius meets Stratocaster; peace meets pulse; summer meets fall. Steve Gulian and Eric Frakes joined up to showcase their musical ideas and carefully wrought lyrics. They both play acoustic guitar, and trade off lead and harmony vocals. The viola playing of James Gross adds a distinctive grace to many of their songs. More at ROSETTAPEBBLE.COM

On CD, Rosetta Pebble's music shines, thanks in part to the creative input and expert production of Indianapolis music legend Tim Brickley. Their 2002 debut CD, Stories That The World Once Told, is the junction of two less-traveled roads. The journey continues with Clear Across Summer, released in the fall of 2005. Rosetta Pebble?s songs stick to the roof of your heart, with words and music that last long after the last notes fade.

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