The song counter used to be at 1042 plays! Because I took my songs off at a certain point the counter dropped consequently.
Wether you plan on hitting the charts or just want to protect what you are going to put out there, watermarking is the only solution to keep your pants dry in the digital era.
Even an experienced programmer can't decypher a blowfish encryption and even if he does he will be spending months if not years in the process. Again, there are great solutions and if you want to know more just drop me a line...
I feel the core of hardship in musical creation developments lies not primarely in exposure but in good distribution and above all, solid protection. My start-up and it's content were critical enough to have my computer stolen in a Public Library in 2012 !.

If you wish to take a glance at my current musical productions please follow the following link:

Thank you.

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MUSIC and that said just have lots of FUN.


Slade, Abba, Led Zeppelin, Queen, UB40, Foreigner to mention a few,have been my strongest influences.
Famous songwriters and performers came into my life to mellow me out...
Electronica era has given me a charter to explore unknown territory.
It seems to me that sooner or later, the internet will undoubtedtly provoke an explosion of worldwide talent...
I am following this story closely.


Hi Icarus, thank you so much for adding me your conncection list. Hope you have a chance to check out some of my music. All the best, Felice Kaye-Cooper

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