Ebonnie is a singer/songwriter who blends country, rock/pop and folk influences to achieve her own sound of alternative piano pop. She writes and performs contemporary country, pop and rock songs.

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Ebonnie's debut single Alone, an up beat acoustic guitar driven folk/pop track is now available on iTunes. The official music video for the track can be viewed at youtube.com/ebonniemusic

Ebonnie's long awaited debut album, Patchwork Fantasia, is to be released in the coming months.

Short and sweet

Ebonnie is an Australian contemporary singer/songwriter. Born and partly raised in Geraldton, Western Australia, she grew up in country towns such as York, Karratha and Margaret River.

After several years performing under the alias WildRose, a pseudonym she adopted during high school, Ebonnie has returned to music after a lengthy break pursuing other interests and brings with her the long awaited album Patchwork Fantasia.

Her debut single Alone, a country folk track which was penned when Ebonnie was 17 years old, does not feature on the album however is available on iTunes. The official music video is on youtube.com/ebonniemusic

Patchwork Fantasia was originally recorded in 2006, however was not released after Ebonnie took a break from music following a series of disappointing experiences with the industry.

"I was told my image was too commercial by indie labels and radio stations, but then I was told that my music was too left of field by mainstream players. I was sensitive to the lack of interest, the negativity and lack of support and it left me feeling bitter and disillusioned, and like my music had no place."

Ebonnie returned to live performing in 2012 and her album is expected to be officially released Winter 2013. It will be available in CD and download form.


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