Starting on Piano at 8 years old being taught by  pastor's wife. I decided to swap to guitar when I was about 12. I went through a hard learning curve getting my fingers to go correctly with success being able to play the greats before I could order a beer at the local pub... I could play there once I hit 18 just not drink.
Hard pressed to write rock songs I studied the blues then did open mic blues night where ever I could. Keith Richards said, "If you want to be a rock guitarist you have to learn the blues."

Studying Randy Rhodes I began to understand what he did, taking blues driven rock to a classical level. 

To Randy, Ronnie, anyone else who is excited about jamming in heaven... I can't wait to get back and rock forever!!

Sounds Like: Pearl Jam, Queensryche

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I put some of my more current work on public view.

One Mans Path

Born John Robert Dier Steskal in 1968. John began taking piano lessons at the age of 8. The time when he fell in love with music. Changing to guitar at the age of 12 he aspired to play like Randy Rhoads from the first time he heard him.

John wrote/performed in a few musical plays for churches through the years as well as playing drums in a charismatic church for a short time at the age of 12 and 13.

After dabbling in recording with a sansui 6trk tape deck in the late 80's and early 90's with a few bands he played with. He left the band scene and spent a lot of time engineering live shows till the studio bug bit him. He has been learning the "how too's" of recording ever since.

John says that, "Although writing a top hit or being in a band that plays for thousands of people at stadium shows rockin' some butt would be awesome. I just love to make music, of whatever I am feeling, and I hope that others enjoy it too."


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John R D Steskal
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Unique and interesting from soft rock to heavy metal

over 30 days ago to John R D Steskal

Thanks for the review of Another Day Another Holler, point taken on the mechanical drums. Purely a symptom of not having the facility to record real drums, believe me. To tell the truth, even the line 6 amp i used on the guitars sounds muddy and processed to my ears, but alas it's what I had to work with

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Clean Clean

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